You bought a painting, what now??

The subject of art is becoming more and more important. We become increasingly sensitive to the beauty around us. We change our interiors more often than usual. We look for new and unique solutions. We want to possess exceptional things. Everything that surrounds us and the way we live has a tremendous influence on our everyday life. Finally, more than ever we need to own art. Because that’s what gives our existence a greater dimension. It helps bring harmony between the man and the world that surrounds him. 

A painting in the interior slightly gives away the character and sensitivity of the owner. It stimulates esthetic experiences and interacts with its users. A painting emphasizes the atmosphere of an interior and shapes its final image. A painting ennobles us as well as the interior.Finally, it provides experiences unreachable in other areas.

The more artistic work we encounter, the more we awake our imagination and therefore we understand art more. We open ourselves to it. After all, a painting, an installation or a sculpture are emotions and feelings of the artist and his or her energy. That’s why everything they create emanates: surprises, fascinates, brings happiness and often moves us. It serves people’s esthetic needs and at the same time develops new ones.

Each of us has a different esthetic and emotional sensitivity. Therefore everybody should make their own choice. We simply need to feel good with a painting. We need to find the common element of our sensitivity and the sensitivity of the artist and find it in a particular artwork. While intimately experiencing a work of art, we should find what we are missing in the ‘busy world’, fill the spaces in our soul waiting for the right material and the right feelings. Then we will feel complete.  

Art is like love: once you find it, you know it is the one.

When our esthetic needs are fulfilled, we want to get deeper into it. We become interested in what the story of the artwork is, who the author is, why does he create in this way, what inspires him and stimulated him to create. More and more, we want to get closer to the world of art. And this is when the real adventure begins…

We will be happy to guide you on this incredible journey.

Come and meet with us.

We help with that too. Since I am an interior designer, placing the elements of the design is my everyday work. At my client’s request, I will do a fitting for the painting in a special visualization program.

And what if it’s a sculpture?

I also design bases and pedestals for sculptures and small decorative forms. I select a suitable material for each type of work. Some of them will soon be
available off-the-shelf in our online shop.

Our drilling and nailing specialist will take care of that. He will also ensure that it is done delicately and he will not make a mess.

He will transport the pedestal and place it in the right spot together with the object that it is made for.