20 listopada, 2020

Hemingway – a sculpture by Andrzej Lichota

Hemingway in Baia Formosa


The sculpture „Hemingway” is the final work in the series „Corrida”, which the artist realized in the years 2017 – 2020. It is an individual interpretation of the writer’s character and at the same time a dialogue with the artist who was fascinated by „Corrida” and visited it often. The series „Corrida” contains over 30 oil paintings, including 5 large triptychs, 16 miniature sculptures „Toro” and the sculpture „Hemingway”. The sculpture was presented for the first time during
Tropical Burning Man Art Festival in Baia Formosa, Brazil, where the artist represented Poland.


The facility was completed in June 2019. The implementation was assisted by a team of local Brazilian employees led by Voitek Kordecki. The artist participated in the implementation process on an ongoing basis and supervised the course of creating the sculpture.

Material – metal
Height – 670 cm
Base diagonal – 290 cm
The length at the back – 832 cm
Weight about 1000 kg.

Embedding a sculpture


The symbolism of color and its divisions are also important in the work. It is no coincidence that the base is red, which symbolizes activity, dynamics, passion, strength, temperament, but also the extreme of feelings. The black band, on the other hand, refers to mystery, sexyness, refinement, nobility and drama. Silver Spitz, almost like an arrowhead, evokes chivalry, honor and self-confidence.


The form of the object resembles a corner which from an irregular base and initially five planes develops upwards, ending with a glowing silver spear pointed at the sky like a challenge. The symbolism of the corner is very wide and varied. The horn symbolizes both readiness to fight, a ray of light, spiritual power, but also immortality, happiness, beauty, and intelligence.

Andrzej Lichota – the author

”… Watching Corrida, one cannot help but reflect that a matador’s victory is possible only thanks to his art. The same law governs the artist’s life and determines the survival of a work that transcends the dimension of one existence. To face this truth – this is a challenge that should be faced not only by those who fight – also we, their viewers … „

A miniature of this sculpture has just appeared in our gallery. Its dimensions are: base 22.5 x 22 cm, height: 40 cm. It is made of brass and set on a granite base. Please visit the gallery.