16 września, 2020

Your first time with art

Each of us at some point in our lives dreams of our own place. We imagine what it will look like and plan to furnish it with the furniture and accessories we dream of. And is there room for art in these dreams? Maybe yes, maybe not. But once we have a comfortable bathroom, a well-equipped kitchen, a beautifully decorated living room and the world’s most comfortable sofa… we sink into it and …? We watch TV?
Unfortunately, often so. It is the television set that is the focal point of the house, on which our eyesight is most often resting. And that’s not enough. It’s time to want more.

And here comes the art. The house without art on the walls is poor. Empty walls do not look good even if they are covered with interesting and expensive wallpaper.
There must even be something hanging on it that will give the interior a unique value. The painting ” talks” to us”. It emanates the energy that the artist applied. It’s a dialogue that will go on for years. He will remind you of the author with whom you drank a glass of good wine in his studio and with whom you had a great conversation in the fumes of paint and turpentine. It will remind you of the excitement of acquiring it. If this is your first picture, the more you’ll be proud of yourself. You’ll notice that
the guests you’re inviting will first ask about this canvas. They will appreciate your choice if it is exceptional and if it is controversial, a discussion shall start. If you bought it at auction, you’ll probably tell what it all looked like, right? See how much the presence of one object gives. How it stimulates. Not to mention that your picture will put you in a much better mood than the pap coming from the TV.

And what kind of piece of work is it to choose?