Sale and rental of Works for institutions

Representing the client at auctions

Monitoring the Polish and foreign art market

Support and promotion of young Polish artists

Design and implementation of interiors

Selection and arrangement of works of art in interiors

The Kolekcjoner Gallery was created out of our sensitivity to the world of art. It turns out that experiencing a close encounter with the excellent works of artists evokes strong experiences in each of us. These are simply exceptional moments that we passionately seek in museums, galleries and artists' studios as well as in films and books. We believe in the principle that: a day without art is a day lost.

That is why at some point we came up with the idea of sharing this admiration with other sensitive people as well as those who are not yet affected by these experiences. We want to show you what we like, so that we can create a beautiful dialogue on what the artists tell us through their work. Joinus in thisconversation. We would like this place to take Polish art to the entire world. We will see to that.

Galeria Kolekcjoner – the name is not incidental. We advise on how to create an art collection, that will not only bring pleasure and splendor to our clients, but will also become a long-term financial investment. The art market is a rapidly growing investment sector. We have the tools, that we know how to use to multiply our clients’ assets. That’s why we invite you to contact us.